We’re WJCC Dems!

We fundraise, campaign and get out the vote. We host speakers and candidate forums, write postcards, make phone calls and connect with our neighbors. And in the process of electing Dems and making government more responsive and more representative, we have a lot of fun.

What’s new

  • Click this link to sign petitions for our House of Delegates and statewide candidates from your phone or computer — and share this link with friends and neighbors so they can sign too. Your email address is not shared, unless you choose to join our mailing list, so don’t worry that you’ll get an avalanche of emails from candidates or anyone else. Help our great candidates get on the ballot — it only takes a minute or two of your time!

  • If you missed our meeting Thursday, Feb. 18 when we heard from Dale Brumfield of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and from Jess Sapalio of the WJCC Coalition for Community Justice, catch a summary here.

  • Thanks to all who participated in our coat drive! We worked with The Village Initiative for Equity in Education to provide over 200 warm coats and jackets for children in area schools and neighborhoods.

  • Mark your calendar: Meet and Greets for candidates for state office.

Upcoming events

From the journal

Criminal Justice Reform & more: WJCC Dems 2/18 meeting

Our February meeting featured two speakers on criminal justice reform. Dale Brumfield of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty gave an update on repeal of the death penalty in the 2021 General Assembly session. Virginia has executed more people than any other state--almost 1400--starting in 1608. Dale described the 30-year [...]

Equity in Education & more: WJCC Dems 1/21 Meeting

Speakers from The Village Initiative for Equity in Education (Jackie Bridgeforth Williams, Jennifer Bickham Mendez, Leah Kuragano, and Philip Canady) presented The Village Equity Report 2020. The Report focuses on the longstanding inequities in the WJCC schools, which have intensified during the pandemic, and proposes concrete, evidence-based solutions. Their presentation sparked [...]

Virginia 2021: Meet our Democratic candidates

We're hosting a series of Zoom meet-and-greets with Democratic candidates for statewide office in the 2021 Virginia elections. The series is co-sponsored with the York-Poquoson Democrats, Williamsburg Indivisible Group and Peninsula Indivisible. 2021 is a big year in Virginia politics, with many candidates already running for the Democratic nominations [...]

Join Neighbors United for Change

Give some thought to joining NEIGHBORS UNITED FOR CHANGE. Organizing at the neighborhood level helps us recruit volunteers and communicate about important issues neighbor-to-neighbor and friend-to-friend. Want to organize an interest group you’re involved with, or a group of your friends? That works too. Or if you’re already a part of an existing neighborhood group, we’d love to work with you.